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Why can't find CY8C24894-24LFXI | Cypress Semiconductor

Why can't find CY8C24894-24LFXI

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 I have a avnet develop kit with a psoc1 of cy8c24894-24LFXI,

when i begin my design with psoc designer , I can't find the component in the list, the similar one is cy8c24794-24LFXI, but cy8c24794-24LFXI  do not have a xes pin, i don't know which one to choice ? And why Psoc designer 5.1 don't contain 


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 Hi Yanguang,

You can use CY8C24894-24LFXA part available in PSoC Designer. This part is same as the one you want. There names are different because one is charecterised for Industrial(I) and other for Automotive (A) conditions. These are pin to pin compatible.


Keerthi Raj

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