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UART example

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 i have a link here that is an example of UART.

what is the VR pin of j5? to it we are connecting the p0.1 analog input pin. why? Is it directly connected to the UART?

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P0[1] is the A/D input, and is conencted to the pot (R7) wiper on J7,

pin 4. Thats to allow varying the pot and transmitting the A/D result of

the pot wiper voltage via the UART.


UART is just connected to P2[5] and P2[7]


Regards, Dana.


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Hi Nivi,
Your question is seems difficult to answer but.
Have you learn about Electronics, Signal processing?

Every signal need to handle step by step.
For this example, There are signal and modules,
Each module has each role.


A signal is the voltage of that get from VR.
First step is PGA due to amplify the signal.


Next is ADC, DelSig that convert analog voltage
into digital value.
The digital value(it mean voltage of VR) can transfer by UART to the PC, etc.


The analog value(VR voltage) can't transfer by
UART directly,
This is a reason of your question why.

Are you able to get something from this?

Best way to understand that is
To be work with this example, and Measure signal step by step,
And finally accept signal by the PC.


That is I guess. Feel free ask again.

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 @PSoC73: I apologize for not responding sooner. I had not realised that it was just an instruction pertaining to hardware connections at that time. Thank you anyway for replying.

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Hi every body! Help me!!!

I have a prolem when PSoC conect to PC via RS232 circuit (UART).

I need:

- PSoC recieve data from PC send (char,string...).

- If PSoC receive character 'a', turn on led; else turn off led.


P0.4: RX

P0.5: TX

P0.3: led

Currently, hardware is fine. But code not work as i need!

I checked configuration PSoC, code of my project.

I upload my project for every body.

Can you help me, please?

I do this project because i will do project: 

-P0.4 receive data (char, string...) from pC.

-P0.5 forward data that P0.4 received to PC.

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 Sorry! My project here.

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Just a check, you have a RS232 transceiver connected to your PSOC

to develop RS232 levels for the PC serial interface ?


Also I see you are driving LED by setting port to high, implying LED wired from Vss to

a series R to pin. The pin cannot source as much current as sink, better you connect LED

to Vdd to series R to port, and turn it on driving pin to "0", Vss.


Regards, Dana.

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 Hi you,

About RS232 circuit which i used: it is good because i coded a example to test.

- TX on PSoC transmit data (char, string) to PC, PC received data and show well.

- But RX on PSoC can't work. 

(I'm using software: Terminal 1.9b to check communication between PSoC and PC)

I use 1 led to test, not more. I think project has no prolems with that led.

Can you check about configuration of my project, please?

Or, Is code incorrect?

I have just studied PSoC!

Many thanks!


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Just to check: Are you using a voltage-level shifter between PC-Tx and PSoC-Rx lines or are you trying to fry the PSoC with +-12V ?



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