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Toggling LED with Timer Interrupt | Cypress Semiconductor

Toggling LED with Timer Interrupt

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  Hi all,

   I am a beginner with PSoC 1. Having gone through many app note, i tried my first ever project in PSoC. My aim was to toggle an LED every 1s. Maximum possible configuration ( Vc1 divider= 16, vc2 divider= 16, vc3 (sourced by Vc2) =256 and timer period = 256) gave me 0.6 s . Since it is perceptible i continued as such. In my power Psoc  board an LED is connected to P1_5 . I configured those pins (initial value as 1) . when i programmed the Psoc my led kept on glowing(remaining in its inital value assigned)  no toggling. I have checked for declaration of interrupts and all. I couldnt find more mistakes with my knowledge.


I have attached my project.

Kindly help



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join the project to your question.

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To reduce Project size:

build -> clean project

and then zip (not raw!!) the project folder



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