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sprintf doesn't work, PSoC1 | Cypress Semiconductor

sprintf doesn't work, PSoC1

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Hello,   is formatted write of data to string ("sprintf") supported by PSoc Designer 5.2 and PSoC1?  Especially the "width"-options of "sprintf"? It seems not to work.  Which limitations exist concerning  %[flags][width][.precision][length]specifier?  Where do I find information about "stdio.h"?   Example:  char buffer[10]; void main() {      csprintf (buffer, "Preceding with blanks: %10d \n", 1977);        LCD_PrString(buffer);      // -> Preceding with blanks:       1977  while(1)   }   "%10d" is shown an the LCd but it is a format intruction.   Thanks for your help.  Alex      

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Error already submitted, see here 

You may ask cypress for the current state, version 5.3 will be out soon.



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wait 5.3 to solve  this  problem,


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