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Selection of PSOC

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i want to make loop powered temperature transmitter.i attached my project diagram.

i am using XTR116 (TI  IC) for 4-20mA at output side. 

XTR116 is also gives +5 Regulated on pin can see in attached file.

But i have to use it  below 3.3V and <3.8mA as per the XTR stability.

Now  i want to use cypress for ADC Reading of RTD and Thermocouple.

So can anyone suggest me which cypress IC and PSOC i have to use for this particular application which has very lower power consumption ??



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Hello Chirag,

It is possible to implement 4-20mA current loop using PSoC. Either PSoC3/ PSoC5LP device can be used for this application. Please refer the below links for more information:


Ramesh B

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Hello Ramesh, 

Thank you for your reply, but I think that the question here is not how to make a 4-20 output loop from PSOC, 

I would also like to know that if it is possible to run any of the Psoc ( 1,3,4,5) that would use some excitation current to determine resistance in sensor,  using 5v and current consumption less than 3mA ?


because above that, it would be violating the current limit and would start interfering with 4-20mA signal in a strict 2 wire transmitter application.

I have tried to make same project using psoc1 and 4 and so far it has not been working because both of the family are drawing more than 20mA current from the loop.

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