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Regarding the input voltage to the power jack | Cypress Semiconductor

Regarding the input voltage to the power jack

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 Dear Sir/madam

Application Note - AN76530

Heading - PSoC® 1 Automotive Ultrasonic Distance Measurement

In the above mentioned application note, on page no - 13, there is a connection for the Power Jack .

I just wanted to know that what Input unregulated voltage would be given to this power jack.

and wether it would be DC or Ac .

Waiting for your solution regarding the same



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Looks like nominal is 12 V. Max for regulator is 26 V, but that probably exceeds Tj for

the regulator under load. You need to calculate load current, and do the thermal analysis

to make sure you do not exceed Tj, even though it does have internal thermal protection

and short circuit capability.


Regards, Dana.

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The power circuit shown in AN76530 provides provision to connect one of 3 sources -battery (VBAT), supply from DC adapter (PWR JACK) and voltage from another circuit (VIN). If you are using a single source, you don't have to connect D6 and D5.

You can either use a battery of 12V or build a unregulated power supply (~12V) (step down transformer -> bridge rectifier). For 5V regulator, you can use most commonly available IC LM7805.

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One of the bigger challenges, being an automotive application, is handling

load dump transients, which the ap note does not address, nor is the ap note

power supply circuit adequate in this regard.



Regards, Dana.

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