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read 24 bit counter value error | Cypress Semiconductor

read 24 bit counter value error

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unsigned long value;

void main(void)





W E:\YVRAO\psocexam\COUNTE~1\COUNTE~1\main.c(11):[warning] calling a function without prototype may cause runtime errors if the function does not return int or unsigned int

!E E:\YVRAO\psocexam\COUNTE~1\COUNTE~1\main.c(12): type error in argument 1 to `Counter24_1_ReadCounter'; found `unsigned long' expected `pointer to unsigned long'

C:\PROGRA~1\Cypress\Common\CYPRES~3\tools\make: *** [obj/main.o] Error 1

 counter24bit - 2 error(s) 1 warning(s) 19:49:52

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Bob Marlowe answered this


Regards, Dana.

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