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Questions about cyrf6936. | Cypress Semiconductor

Questions about cyrf6936.

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数据手册上说设定RX GO后,在其未清零前就不能重定设定,我不知道如果重新设定了会出什么问题?


收时对RX_CTRL_ADR重新写入0X83吗?我是个中国朋友,希望有人能看懂, 为我解答。Thank you!!

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Do you have the following information ? Example Projects and Technical Reference Manual (TRM)


RX GO, from TRM, page 114 -


RX GO Start Receive. Setting this bit causes the device to transition to receive mode. If necessary, the crys-
tal oscillator and synthesizerstart automatically after this bit is set. Firmware must never clear this bit.
This bit must not be set until after it self clears. The recommended method to exit receive mode when
an error has occurred is to force END STATE and then dummy read all RX_COUNT_ADR bytes from
RX_BUFFER_ADR or poll RSSI_ADR.SOP (bit 7) until set. See “XACT_CFG_ADR” on page 124
and “RX_ABORT_ADR”on page 144for description.


Regards, Dana.

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