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PSoC1 debug problem

Summary: 2 Replies, Latest post by Bob Marlowe on 26 Aug 2013 01:46 PM PDT
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I'm facing a strange behavior on debug sessions using an Ice Cube with a 29xxx pod, targetting an SSOP-28 CY8C29466 chip.

During initialisation Port0 is fully switched in input mode : each Port0 IO pin declared as STDCPU + High Z, interrup mode set to high (detection of a low-to-high transition).

Before enabling the GPIO interrup mask, the port is firstly read and saved, then  port0 GPIO block interrupts are enabled as shown in the following snippet:


    M8C_ClearWDTAndSleep;                                                       // Raz le Sleep Timer pour partir du bon pied ...

    M8C_EnableIntMask(INT_MSK0, INT_MSK0_SLEEP);                                // ... et l'autoriser à générer des interruptions


    gbbInitFlag = FALSE;

    gbINValeurPrecedente = PRT0DR;

    PRT0IE = 0xFF;

    M8C_EnableIntMask(INT_MSK0, INT_MSK0_GPIO);


//    SETnDEC_TEMPO(100);


while (FOREVER)





This leads to the following assembly listing after compilation:

(0237)     M8C_EnableGInt;

    0B3C: 71 01    OR    F,0x1

(0238)     gbbInitFlag = FALSE;

    0B3E: 62 D0 00 MOV   REG[0xD0],0x0

    0B41: 55 83 00 MOV   [gbbInitFlag],0x0

(0239)     gbINValeurPrecedente = PRT0DR;

    0B44: 5D 00    MOV   A,REG[0x0]

    0B46: 53 76    MOV   [gbINValeurPrecedente],A

(0240) PRT0IE = 0xFF;

    0B48: 62 01 FF MOV   REG[0x1],0xFF

(0241)     M8C_EnableIntMask(INT_MSK0, INT_MSK0_GPIO);

    0B4B: 43 E0 20 OR    REG[0xE0],0x20

    0B4E: 80 03    JMP   0x0B52


(0243) //    SETnDEC_TEMPO(100);


(0245)     while (FOREVER)

(0246)     {

(0247)         bCtr++;

    0B50: 77 01    INC   [X+1]

(0248)     }

    0B52: 8F FD    JMP   0x0B50

When I put a breakpoint at @0B48, I get the following information (see attached file, snapshots 1 & 2):

  • Port0 correctly interpreted and read as 0x00 (Memory window, IO Bank0 tag),
  • A reg wrongly carrying value 0x0x7E (should be content of Port0,
  • Global variable set with the same wrong value (Watch window).


However, if I put a BP at @0B44 and perform assembly steps everything is correctly carried out (snapshots 3, 4 & 5).


So what's going wrong? Bad intitialisation, 29xxx pod out of order, or Ice Cube discrepancy? 

 I've tested on 2 differents PCs XP and W7), same results.


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 Following my previous post, I've open a case and submitted the problem the the Cypress technical staff.

However any related idea is welcome.



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Can you create a minimal project and upload it here, so that I can program it into my PSoC1 Kit with ICE-Cube?



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