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Project supplied with Application Note looks strange | Cypress Semiconductor

Project supplied with Application Note looks strange

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I've downloaded Application Note AN2246 zip file (containing the project code) and have loaded this up in PScC Designer 5.4.

(AN2246 is for a high-frequency, high resolution PWM.)

PScC Designer loads the project and I can see the code in main.c, however the chip view (the one where you can see the module placement) has all digital and analogue blocks empty, and no interconnect routing is shown.  The workspace explorer shows that 5 user modules are placed.

Also, there used to be a window where you could click on a placed user module, and this window would then show various parameters that you could set for the module.  This window just says "loadable configuration: PRSPWM (where PRSPWM is related to the project title).  I can't see any of the parameters.

Finally, it is difficult to find out what chip the project has been written for.  I can see it by clicking on the 'pinout' view for the project in the workspace explorer, but I would have thought something somewhere in the project (like a "setting") would specify this.

Probably just that I'm new to PSoC - but how can I get to see what I would consider to be 'standard' project information?


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Indeed, an empty project and a loadable configuration...  Double click in workspace explorer on the PRSPWM module to see the chip design. I would suggest to contact Cypress and the AppNote author (top of this page -> Support -> Create a support Case)



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