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Project set up and configuration

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I can always make the projects work if I start working from an example and then modify it, but when I start from scratch opening a new project, they do not work.

I copy the device.h file into the folder and add it to the project and I compare everything else to make sure is the same. schematic, firmware, pin config, system clocks, etc Is there an initial configuration that has to be done for projects start from new?


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Yes, there is the New Project dialog in Designer 5.3 which questions you for the device to use. When done the built project will compile and run although doing nothing at all.

Did you consider switching to a more modern design as the PSoC4 or PSoC5? You can get prototypink kits for $10 that allow for programming and debugging which can be quite expensive when using an ICE-Cube for a PSoC1.



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