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Ppassive wait

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I wish my micro (CY8C29x66) to stay in a sleeping state for a very short while (i.e. 2ms) is this possible?

What's the side effect of staying in this state i.e. running devices such as UARTs, I2C or ADC, DAC how do they behave ?

If I have an user interrupt routine defined for the UART RX event will this 'wake-up' my micro from the sleeping state?

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  Michele Santucci

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When the processor is put to sleep, the SysClk is also switched off.  So, peripherals like I2C, UART etc which need the SysClk to operate will not work.  As these peripherals do not work, it is not possible to wake up the processor on interrupts from these peripherals.  However, if you have peripherals that are running on the 32KHz clock, these peripherals can run when the processor is in sleep more and these interrupts can wake up the processor.


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The PSoC Hacker

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