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Powerline PSOC1

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I happily discovered that PSOC1 (CY8C29) is now able to 'house' PLC IP solution.. that's something really interestig in my opinion even if it's a somewhat resource hungry solution. My question is ... what's required to adapt TTL levels to powerline?

The schematic solution proposed in AN55427 are still usable?

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     Michele Santucci 

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There haven't been dramatic changes in the specs of the powerlines, so it seems still to be appropiate to follow the directions given in AN55427. The logic levels are 5V when following the hardware proposals for PSoC29.... as for the CY8CPLC...



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Yes the schematics in AN55427 still apply to CY8C29.

The FSK modulated signal from the PSoC1 (CY8C29) is driven onto the powerline by a Transmit Amplifier and a Coupling circuit as explanined in AN55427.



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