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Learn to debug the PSoC

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Hey All,


Most of you might have read the appnote - AN73212 - Debugging with PSoC® 1 which gives a wealth of information about the debugging options that one has while working with PSoC and Designer.


I was also looking at one of the training modules (PSoC Designer Module 3: Debugging with PSoC) after a long time and found that it gave a real clear walkthrough of how each feature of the Debugger in Designer can be used. The examples probably cover most of the common fault scenarios. Even though the Designer version is old, it still covers the basic idea behind debugging with PSoC 1. 


If you haven't watched this presentation so far, I highly recommend you do so today!


Only catch is that you can't view it online.. so please download the zip , extract and open the "player.html" in a browser. 

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  it  help me  a  lot!

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