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How to use an CY3212 CapSense EvalBoard with PSoC Designer V5.0 | Cypress Semiconductor

How to use an CY3212 CapSense EvalBoard with PSoC Designer V5.0

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I tried to use an (older ) CY3212-CapSense RevC Board from 2006 together with PSoC  Designer 5 .

The on board chip is a CY8C21001-24PVXI , but the orignal Projects on CD delivered together with the Kit are for the type CYC8C21434 .

Is a CYC8C21434 - Project  compatible  for using on  CY8C21001 ?

I could not find a datasheet for the CY8C21001.


Has anyone a link on Demonstartions Programs for the CY3212 - Kit with PD 5 ?







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The 21000 device you find on the CY3212 is a universal chip that can be used to debug any device from the CY8C21x34 family.  You can develop a project for any device in this family and run on the device.  Just select the actual device number, say CY8C21434 in the programmer and you will be able to program the 21000 device.

On the other hand, CY3212 is for the CSR method of capacitive sensing.  This method is not supported by the latest PSoC Designer version.  The latest PSoC Designer only supports CSD method of cap sensing.  If you want to test the 3212, you will have to install the older PSoC Designer 4.4 version.  I have some example projects for CY3212, but I am not able to attach files in the forum here.  I can email you the files if you want them.

Best Regards, Ganesh

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I have got an CY3212-CapSense RevB Board from my teacher .

But he also know little about this board, so I have to learn it by myself. 

I have installed PD5.1. Do I have to install PD4.4 if I want use CapSence?

And would you email me your example projects you mentioned above. My email addree :


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Module used with the board which have been handed over to you is no longer recommended by Cypress. I strongly recommend you to get in touch with Cypress University Manager and ask for an updated board. They'll provide you the same and the relevant projects which need to be used.


Best regards,


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