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Help for HID device with usbfs block | Cypress Semiconductor

Help for HID device with usbfs block

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I try with the Psoc to use the USBFS block to make an HID device.

I try with the exemple to simulate a mouse mooving, but my target is to use the USBfs, in order to activite some output.

For exemple  I want to turn on a DEL on the P0[1]. with my computer.

My problem is I don't know how do it.

Could you please help me?


Kind regards


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I would rather suggest you to use the USBUART. It has the advantage for communicating in both directions with your PC using something simple as HyperTerminal on PC side.



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 I know the USBuart, I use it on another project, but I want to try with HID, because it's plug and play.


I would like to make an card like this:

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This might be of some assistance -


Regards, Dana.

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 So what you want is to send commands from you computer to your MCU?

You can do that using an OUT endpoint. Use USB_EnableOutEP() to enable the out enpoint and when wGetEPCount() says there is some data, read the enpoint using USBFS_bReadOutEP()

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