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Cysmart firmware version Where did it go

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CySmart refuses to load until I download firmware version   My BLE dongle (from the Pioneer kit) came with version  

When I get this error message, it directs me to "", which doesn't have any firmware.   A fresh install of CySmartSetup.exe doesn't help in any way.

Tried many searches on the Cypress site.   It all seems to lead to this frustratingly incomplete page.




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If you download CySmartSetup.exe, run it, and look at win driver

properties is it reporting the correct rev ? Maybe uninstall driver

and let it reinstall itself ?


Regards, Dana.

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Thanks, Dana.   But, I don't know how to do that (not a big Windows person).   Not sure where that would take me anyway.

I'm going to guess the simplest explanation is the correct one:  the dongle needs a firmware upgrade, but they didn't post it.

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Try this... it worked for me...

Plug in your CYSmart BLE dongle.

Head over to

Download BLE Dongle CySmart.hex

Run PSOC Programmer (you should have it when you installed other PSOC tools?)

Select the KitProg/BLE0F...... dongle.

Program it :)

Restart CYSmart. It should now appear as Cypress BLE Dongle (Comxx)

Good luck! 

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thanks grobasoz, worked for me as well.

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Would you please teach us how to get CySmart 1.0?

BLE PRoC device need CySmart 1.0 (not 1.1).

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Maruyama, you are here in the PSoC1 forum which has nothing at all to do with BLE. Better ask your question in a (new) thread in PRoC  BLE forum.



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