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CYRF vs CY8CPLC | Cypress Semiconductor


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What can you say how alive is CYRF7936 product?
There are just few topics covering CYFI so I have feeling that people doest use it to much. I am planning to do some home automation project and wandering what to use CYRF or CY8CPLC. But also for so CY8CPLC I don’t see that is used that much too.
What can you suggest, how alive ere those products?

Thanks in advance.


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This is a user-forum and I question if this is the right place to give you an answere you may rely on. Since the CYRF7936 looks quite normal, is not very complicated settled in a family of a dozend related chips from which none is obsolete right now I do not see any reasons against the CYRF7936.I (personally) would go for a chip supporting LPStar, since this contains an MCU that supports the Star-protocol which may help you to organize several transmitters in a network.



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There are several ways to confirm current vendor support for a product -


1) Contact your local Manufacturers Rep and they will call marketing person

responsible for product line. Put together a list of questions, like -

     - How long has product been manufactured, tells you what cycle the

       chip is in of its expected life.

     - Where is chip manufactured, off shore, fab name.......

     - Anticipated life of product.

     - Ask how successful is the product, eg. how many designs, any major

       recognizable end manufacturer names consuming it......

     - Is chip easily substituted for another chip in production. This is tenuous

       of course since you are dealing with RF design, but ask anyways.


2) File a support case at and ask that question.


3) You call factory direct, and ask for wireless marketing.


All the above are good ideas for you to execute -


a) You make Cypress aware of your planned design, estimated product usage,

timing, etc..


b) You have individual contacts you can call upon for the business side, always a plus.


Regards, Dana.



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