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ADC input multiplexing

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I am using PSoc1 series Cy8c28452, I am using it to measure temperatue using a 'K' Type thermocouple. For Reference temp I am using a simple diode which is connect to Port P0.5.  the thermocuple Port pins are P0.0 and P0.1. I am using EzADC user module as I found it to be quite impressive, with offset calibration and corelated double sampling . My problem is  how do I multiplex the input of ADC between the diode (Room Temp0 and the Thermocouple output which is  thro' an Instrumention amp module.(INSAMP)



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There is an AMUX component that could perform what you need, it would be very helpful for us (saving time) when you post your complete project here. To do so, use Designer -> File -> Archive Project (minimal) and attach the resulting file here.



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From the ap note here is the mux being used -

PSoC 1 - Using Correlated Double Sampling to Reduce Offset, Drift, and Low Frequency Noise


Regards, Dana


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