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EXPOSED PAD in FM24CL64B-DG | Cypress Semiconductor


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In data sheet you registering "The EXPOSED PAD should not be soldered on the PCB."

Why did you choose packing with EXPOSED PAD?

If I do not solder the EXPOSED PAD still will by a contact between the EXPOSED PAD on the chip to the EXPOSED PAD in my PCB

What should I do if I have already EXPOSED PAD in my PCB?

What should I do?

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Waiting for reply ASAP!

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It is Sunday, so no need to push.
I would suggest you to get in contact with Cypress directly: At top of this page select "Design support -> Create a Support Case" and ask your question. You will be helped by a Cypress engineer.



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As mentioned in the datasheet of FM24CL64B, the EXPOSED PAD in DFN package is not connected to the die and it should not be soldered. Soldering the EXPOSED PAD will cause the die to be exposed to excessive heat, which can result in bit failures and margin loss. 

It is OK to create a land pattern on the PCB for the EXPOSED PAD. But, please ensure that the EXPOSED PAD on PCB is masked during the soldering process.


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