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Hi cypress.

As very pleased and happy Cypress Psoc5 and Psoc4200 user, i am surprised about the technical document for the s6e2c2  family.

I started a design using s6e2c2  and have lot of question about how to use the uC.

No data about PCB layout and pur information about pin functions.

There are no application not concerning hardware point of vew.

If there are such information please let me know.


like to continue admiring Cypress


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Welcome in the Developer Forum, Tsfania.

Some of the documents you may find here. Hope that helps.



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Hi Bob,

I have already seen this. it does help but not enough.



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The Link which Bob provided before has the user guide and PCB files of the associated Kit.

You may refer the following links for the associated peripheral manuals of FM4.

FM4 Peripheral Manual (This has I/O details also: https://www.spansion.com/downloads/FM4_MN709-00001-E.pdf)

FM4 Ethernet: http://www.cypress.com/file/222961/download

FM4 Timer: http://www.cypress.com/file/222986/download

FM4 Communication : https://www.spansion.com/downloads/FM4_MN709-00004-E.pdf


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Was the last post sufficient information to answer your question or did you have some addition items?

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I have just bought an FM4-S6E2CC Pioneer Kit, and I would like to start developing with it. I am having the same issues, for instance I would like to start by using the RGB leds on the board without using the functions and libraries coming with the kit. I want to start programming it from scratch and put my hands into the registers of the CPU. Unfortunately from the documentation I am also not able to gather the information I need to program my starting point application.

From the schematic I can see that the RGB leds are connected to the TIOA10/3/2, are this actually the registers to progamm? How do I, for instance, take care of the clock gating for this pins?

Unfortunately the examples I downloaded are not for this kind of kit, and I think some files are also commented in a confusing way.

I would appreciate some tipps to start exploring my new kit. 

Thanks for your support.


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I see that you are trying to control a GPIO through register writes.So you need to identify the correct registers.This information is present in FM4 peripheral manual (See EPFR,PFR,PDOR) .



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