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I'm otpimizing my linker script for the MB9BF321K and I was wondering what the difference was between the SRAM0 and SRAM1.

I do know that SRAM0 is connected to I-code bus and D-code bus of Cortex-M3 core and SRAM1 is connected to System bus. But in the standard linker file the SRAM1 isn't used.

When should SRAM 0 or 1 be used? What can they not be used for? What is the difference? And what advantage does one have over the other?

It's a shame to have an extra 8kB of RAM where I can't find a purpose for.



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Cypress crew?

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Hello Tom,

Sorry for the late response.


Both SRAMs can be used for code execution and data storage, but there are few things to mention:

- SRAM1 ist not directly connected to I- and D-Bus, thus code execution might be slightly slower.

- When using both SRAMs for data storage, a variable should not be placed partially in both SRAMs.

For example : 32bit access to 0x1FFF_FFFD

Expected access : 0x1FFF_FFFD, 0x1FFF_FFFE, 0x1FFF_FFFF, 0x2000_0000

Real access : 0x1FFF_FFFD, 0x1FFF_FFFE, 0x1FFF_FFFF, 0x0000_0000 (wrap around)

See also Chapter 14.9 in:


Because of the second behavior and the precautions that have ot be made SRAM1 is not used in the default linker files.


kind regards,


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