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FM3 family Bootloader

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anyone using FM3 microcontrollers and ATOLLIC TrueSTUDIO?

I need help to develop a bootloader firmware.

I have most of the related infos, and most of the software completed, but I need some help to integrate it into the ATOLLIC system.



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Have a look at these documents:

FM3 MB9B618T/S series, Bootloader Software User Guide (

AN204885 - F2MC-FM3 Family with USB Host Mass Storage Bootloader

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We're looking for the sources (or DLL?) of FLASH MCU Programmer for FM0+/FM3/FM4 (FLASH).  The idea is to implement it without GUI, i.e use command line.

The UART programming protocol of PC - to - FM3 controller interface is also suitable.

We use FM3 MB9AFAA2, MB9AF115 and MB9B116. 


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are you aware of FLASHly?
Command line programmer (FLASHly) for some Fujitsu/Spansion/Cypress micros can be found here:\elektronik -> FLASHly
Regards, Mic

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we used the Flash USB Direct Tool from Fujitsu. It was possible to run this flasher as a command without user interface from another application.

Command line parameters were filename, COM-Port and additional parameters like No_dialog No_reset.

I said "used" because in one of the latest versions (Spansion? Cypress? - we don't know exactly when) this didn't work anymore.

Unfortunately we were forced to use an updated tool because the older Fujitsu Flasher didn't support the new controllers we are using now.

Does anyone know how to solve this? How have the command line options changed? Can they still be used at all?

Yes, we know Flashly, but it is way too complicated to use and not allowed for prof. use.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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