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PSoC 5LP CY8CKIT-059 wiring board | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC 5LP CY8CKIT-059 wiring board

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FRC team 5563 has been working with the CY8CKIT-059 as the basis for a custom drive station.  The platform has been simple to use and highly educational, the only complaints are minor - there is no way to mount the board securely and wiring is sometimes tedious.  So to fix this, we created a board.

Attached are the KICAD design files - the schematic, board database and the project files.  The present incarnation, which is provided in the attached files, uses 100% through hole parts for easy hand assembly.  We built a version of the board with surface mount components but we found that it was hard for the team to work on without a real SMT workstation.  Because KICAD uses separate files to contain component footprints which are "joined" to the schematic prior to board layout, we were able to use the same schematic for the surface mount and the through hole board.  So while we have not gotten our hands on the through hole boards, we have tested the design.  KICAD is a FOSS board design package that is a available freely for Linux/MAC/Windows. 

The attached files can be used by anyone as a starting place for customization or just to send for fabrication as-is.  If you only one or two boards, our team will be running a small fundraiser immediately after kickoff should someone want to purchase a few.



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This is great. I hope other teams can use it.

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