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Need help trying to get our Cy8C37XX PSoC3 working | Cypress Semiconductor

Need help trying to get our Cy8C37XX PSoC3 working

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We are a FIRST robotics team and do not know how to configure this board.  Is the board with the FIRST kit preconfigured?  We want to try and use it for switches to trigger login in LAB View.  I think you just hook the switch to the digital input and the other side of the switch to to ground pin.  You pug it into the USB port on the PC and then labview should see it.

Do we need to initialize the board or load a service or driver on the PC to use it?

Please email me @ or repond back on this board.


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Can you tell us what kit/chip you are using? Can you tell me the right part number? Is it a PSoC3 device.

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This is the CY8CKIT-003 FTK. My understanding is that the instructions on how to use this board are part of the materials on the FIRST site. They folks from NI wrote the firmware os they know more about this use of the board than we do.

We have online training videos but they are more generic and do not deal with the FRC at all.

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Please look at the "Getting Started with the 201x FRC Control System" manual for instructions on getting your First Touch module working for FRC use.

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 You have to program the Cypress module with the provided firmware image.  The instructions (as noted) are in the 2011 driver station instructions.

We got ours to work, and now have a nice box with switches, buttons, a small joystick, potentiometers, and some color LEDs just for fun.

I am actually looking for the source code for this firmware image, so we can use it as a base for a different project.

-Larry, Team 2349


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