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Driver Station not picking up PSoC | Cypress Semiconductor

Driver Station not picking up PSoC

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So we just bought the PSoC FirstTouch 3, and the driver station isn't picking it up.

DS version -

PSoC Creator version -

Firmware version - FRC_IO.v2.hex

All we did was hook up the PSoC, ran the driver station update for the cypress programs needed, and flashed it with the above firmware. However, the driver station isn't picking up the PSoC when connected via USB. Any ideas?

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We are looking into this. A SW engineer from NI actually wrote the firmware so we need to consult with him on this issue.



Patrick Kane

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I am having a hard time getting my FTK to show up on the driver station as well. I am using the same DS and Firmware versions, but am using a different programmer version (PSoC Programmer 3.12). The strange thing is that a later version of the programmer (3.13.3) will not even acquire the PSoC device on the FTK board and will not even program it.

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You have the correct version of the PSoC Programmer (

Make sure that the CyMiniProg3Service service is running

Check the Device Manager and make sure that the device is showing up as "FTK3 ("


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