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Programming CY7C53120E4 | Cypress Semiconductor

Programming CY7C53120E4

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The CY7C53120E4 chip has a Vpp pin. I'm interested in learning how this can be used to program the device.
Application note 3120_prog states that there is an in circuit programming mode that uses this pin.

In-System Programming

To provide maximum flexibility, Cypress has implemented a
Programming Port that allows in-system programming of the
Cypress 3120 Neuron devices. This option is perfect for pro-
gramming Neuron chips as part of the production/test flow,
after the chips have been mounted on boards. This interface
can also be used as part of a custom programming/test board
developed for use during the product design phase.
The interface requires the use of all eleven IO pins, Vpp, and
one of the Clk pins on the 3120 Neuron chips. Additionally, a
method of implementing the programming algorithm is need-
ed. This can be done several ways. A device tester can ad-
dress all the required pins and directly perform the algorithm
on the Neuron chip. Another option is using a serial test inter-
face like JTAG along with a CPLD which can then be used to
interface to the Neuron chip. Finally, a simple microcontroller
with a USB or RS-232 interface can be used to download the
application image from a PC and execute the algorithm.
The programming algorithm uses a simple Muxbus-like inter-
face to the Neuron and requires the sequenced programming
of certain memory locations in the Neuron Chip. During this
process, the Clk1 pin can either be driven externally using the
programming interface or by a crystal with the programming
device monitoring the Clk2 pin. The ability to either drive or
monitor the clock cycles is required in order to put the Neuron
Chip in the programming mode. After the Neuron chip enters
the programming mode, the algorithm will be executed as a
sequence of memory writes and reads to Neuron registers.
If interested in this option, please contact a Cypress repre-
sentative for details on how to obtain the programming algo-

Has anybody used this method ?

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