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How can I estimate the power consumption of UDB-based components? | Cypress Semiconductor

How can I estimate the power consumption of UDB-based components?

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Hi, I used PSoC3_5_Power_Estimator.xls to get a figure of the power consumption of my PSoC 5LP project. However, the "Instructions" sheet states about the "UDB Usage Data" sheet

"This sheet holds a table of UDB resources. It will be used to calculate the current of UDB-based components in a future version of this spreadsheet."

So obviously the power consumption of the UDB-based components cannot be calculated. How can I get that figure?

Some Cypress IP datasheets (e.g. SPI slave or SPI master) include IDD current consumption figures at 25 deg C. Some do not. Should I take these numbers and extrapolate by the number of used UDB? Or do I have to use real HW and measure the supply current? Then I wouldn't get the UDB part separately, though.


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I believe all the components that uses datapath has been given the current consumption data. Other components like control/status register, count7, logic gates are not provided. So, data in the datasheet  is the best you can get.


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