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Devices disappear after configuring | Cypress Semiconductor

Devices disappear after configuring

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I am using the CY7C65211 part on a custom circuit board and I am having some difficulty. When I first plug in the USB, I am able to see the device in the Configuration Utility as well as in my device manager. After I configure the part as a UART, the software confirms the settings I want are in the device after programming and I can see some data on the D+ and D- nets of the USB.  After I unplug the USB and plug it back into my computer or power cycle my board, the software no longer recognizes the device and my device manager does not know that there is a USB connected. I have confirmed that the chip is in the correct configuration and all of the voltages are the same as specified on the data sheet, but cant figure out why this is happening. Has anyone seen this problem before and have you found a solution?


The Cypress USB-Serial Configuration Utility version I am using is

This problem has been resolved. When the part is setup in self powered mode the VCCD pin and VDDD pins need to be shorted together. This is stated in table 2 of the data sheet but the schematic in Figure 4 on page 17 does not show this connection. If there are any Cypress people who are reading this please update your documentation so no one else runs into the same problem I had.

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