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CY2304 and Brown-Out conditions! | Cypress Semiconductor

CY2304 and Brown-Out conditions!

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CY2304 is not sensitive to brown-out conditions, and therefore there is no VCC or time requirement relating to reset. This device does not have a power-on-reset circuit.


The device operation from a minimum voltage of 3.0V and a maximum voltage of 3.6V specified in the datasheet is guaranteed. So the guaranteed minimum threshold is 3.0V. The CY2304 will go into power down mode if the REF input goes to low frequency below 10 MHz. If there is an unstable source, it causes the CY2304 to believe that its input is below 10 MHz, and then it will go into power down mode. But as soon as it sees an edge of a normal clock, it will try to re-lock.


So a parameter such as power down time is not specified. However it is the same as the Power-up time which is for all VDDs to reach minimum specified voltage (power ramps must be monotonic) that is a min of 0.05ms to a max of 50ms.

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