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CY22393 - Algorithm to generate P, Q, DIV values for a given frequency... | Cypress Semiconductor

CY22393 - Algorithm to generate P, Q, DIV values for a given frequency...

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I am using the CY22393 for an application that will us the cypress chip to configure the PLLs using the I2C port and generate a desired clock frequency.

I know that is what the CyberClock sofware is capable of doing.

Is there C code already out there to generate the P,Q, D for a given PLL to generate a desired frequency? If so, could you please let me know where to find such app?





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Hi Miguel,

There is no C code released. The  information that is released is part of An Algorithm To Help Calculate P & Q Values - Cypress Semiconductor KB article that can be found at link:

I believe you are aware that using I2C you can only program the volatile memory, not the non-volatile memory. So you would have to program the device at every power-on with your new configuration using I2C. The part is not designed to program the non-volatile memory using I2C.

You can check the following Kb Articles that you will find useful:

Serial Programming PLL1 Frequency Changes In The CY22393/4/5 ...

Serial Programming Sequence in CY22393/4/5 - Cypress Semiconductor

CY22393/4/5 JEDEC breakdown - Cypress Semiconductor

Let me know if there are any further questions!



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