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CY smart Insufficient encryption error | Cypress Semiconductor

CY smart Insufficient encryption error

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Hi ,

      I am new to the BLE testing. I am trying to connect a GATT based BLE Server device through CY smart, i can able to connect the device. but while reading the device Information i got the following error.

Error- Read characteristic value failed. Insufficient encryption

Error Description -Access to the attribute failed due to insufficient encryption. Check the security mode and level in the Master Configuration settings dialog and initiate pairing again to encrypt the link.

I have given the following security parameters,

            OOB Settings   - Disable OBB

            Security Mode  -Mode 1

            Security level    -No Security

            Bonding            - Bondable

            Encryption Key Size- 16

So please kindly help to resolve this issue.



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Can you change 'bondable' to 'No bonding' at both server and client and check if it works? I don't think you need bonding if there is no pairing.

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