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an63787 driver problem after hex file burn | Cypress Semiconductor

an63787 driver problem after hex file burn

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i have my own designed pcb and cy7c68013 128pin chip on it 

i got problem when i burn the readymade firmware AN63787 auto mode master on it 

1) the firmware doesnt run i check the d2 pin that is commented 

blink LED D2 to indicate firmware is running and LED D4 and D5 to show the states of FIFO of EP2 and EP6

but nothing is happening i also but signal on flagc 71 no. pin but it doesnt blink or start the led on d4 pin no. 63


2) when ever i burn the firmware it automatically take the driver and show me the unknown device in device manager 

i try to update the driver that is with the firmware that i downloaded but it doesnt accept it and show the unknown device i attach the pic of it kindly help me if you can !!! 

thanks in advance

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Hi Azher,

The error which you are observing will occur if the inf file does not have the VID and PID present in the master file. I have checked the VID and PID in auomode master firmware. VID = 04B4,PID  = 2009. Please make sure they are present in the inf file. If not please add the VID and PID in the inf file and bind the device to this file.

Please try the above and check if you are seeing the same error.




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