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Why there is no developer community forum for Cypress/Spansion - ARM Cortex M series devices | Cypress Semiconductor

Why there is no developer community forum for Cypress/Spansion - ARM Cortex M series devices

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I'm a user of ARM Cortex M4 device of Cypress Semiconductor (today) which was part of Spansion, which in turn was acquired from Fujitsu by Spansion.


The Cypress Developer Community lists ONLY the following:

 Support Forums:


  1.     Bluetooth® Low Energy
  2. Feedback
  3.     PSoC® 4
  4.     PSoC® 5
  5.     PSoC® 1
  6.     PSoC® 3
  7.     Software
  8.     University Alliance
  9.     USB Controllers
  10.     Memory
  11.     Clocks & Buffers


In the Spansion portals landing (now) from portals, only the following are available for community

  1. Spansion CSR Policy
  2. Spansion Supports Foundation Communities Families
  3. Community Development
  4. Social Responsibility

Eventually, As a developer, i could not find any where in the Cypress Developer Community Forum or the merged portals, in order to share my learnings and discuss problems related to Spansion products  which have become part of Cyspress Semiconductor.


As a developer using Spansion device, I feel EXTREMELY marginalized.


I do not know whether other active users of Spansion, if any, have conveyed the same to Cypress Semiconductor or not.


If there is someone in Cypress Semiconductor, who can do the needful to create Forums for Products of Spansion also, in particular 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4F, FM4 Microcontroller - S6E2CC Series, for hardware and software development, I request for immediate action, before i abandon my current development.


Hope Cypress Semiconductor hears the pain of developer community of Spansion products!

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I'm not sure how many Cypress employees are following here - maybe its more effective to raise this as a support case (top right menu, 'My Cases'). This probably gives it a much higher urgency.

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I was waiting for M4 based PSoC for long time already... , but it appears that Cypress decided to skip M4 altogether. Then why they bought Spansion? May I ask what special features of Spansion's M4 are holding you from using ST or TI products?

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Have a look at the Cypress Product Roadmap to see what is planned to come...



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Thanks for pointing the issue, we will improve the forums in our webpage to include devices from Spansion as well. This is in the works and we will have a unified forum soon. 

We are also committed to building products with the Cortex M4 core as well. As integration of two companies are happening, we will leverage the IP portfolio of both the companies to come up with compelling products. The Cortex M4 based products are definitely in the roadmap and some products are under development. 

I apologize if you have felt marginalized, we will improve your experience in using Cypress products. Thanks for raising your concern again. 



Applications Manager 

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Thanks Hli, Odissey1, Bob Marloew and Ajai, for reply.

Till the full fledged unified portal of Spansion is up and running @, at least offer some respite for the Spansion developer community.

As a "user", there is no authorization to create an entry in the form, only "New Topic" and "Posts" (Comments) can be posted.

What's the alternate method to share between the members of Developer Community.

It's well established that community support through forums complements technical support, but it's not a replacement.

However, when there is wide usage of a device, obviously there exists at least one community, if not many.

Awaiting swift action from Cypress portal administrator(s).

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Hi Hli,

I had raised support cases also, but the responses from Cypress are not resolving the issues, that i face with S6E2CC devices and offerings.

That's why i'm trying with the forum so that there is a quick turn around time for developers from the Cypress Developers Community, atleast.

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Hi Tapas,

I went through your support request and saw that you are up and running with Ethernet using the S6E2CC device. Let us know if anything else is needed through the support request. 



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