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Where to register for End of Life notifications | Cypress Semiconductor

Where to register for End of Life notifications

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Hi, i plan to use one of your chips (FM24CL64).

It would be great if there is a possibility to register on End of Life Updates or on something like all changes  just regarding this chip!

(No spam about other chips)

It would be even better if i can enter a separate email address for notifications like

I cant find it. Where is it?

Best regards


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Some time ago I ordered Cypress parts from Future electronics. They kept me informed via email of end-of-life happenings.



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Hello Dennis,

I agree with getting notifications and subscriptions on product changes, develop and end of life. It is one of the top priorities we are working for this type of registration and notifications. I am hopeful we get this implemented by the end of year. In the meantime if there is something specific I can help with please let me know. 


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