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Spam flood

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There is a ton of spam in the last few days. Can something please done about it?

Thanks, hli

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Since this is an English spoken forum it would be not too difficult avoiding / blocking posts with more than 70% foreign language characters.

Constraining the number of posts (3) for a new user until approved could be a way to reduce spam. (can be done without moderator, if new user gets an answer from another user and is not flagged as offensive could be considered to be approved)



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This makes for a very unprofessional site and does not provide confidence in Cypress' capabilities.

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Hi Natersoz

stay calm, not everything can be perfect from day one ;-)
I believe that we can be confident in Cypress' capabilities, especially looking at their silicon.

Let us mark the spam posts as offensive and I am sure it will be taken care of.

All the Best

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