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I am wondering why there's no search box in the forum area.

I can only search in the search box on the top right corner, but that does never give me any good results, especially not in the 'community' search result section. Most of the time it's returning 0 results, even if the search term is something like "service data". I am sure there are posts that include these words. 

What's the best way to check if the answer is already somewhere before posting a new topic?

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Unfortunately search not implemented just for forum, searches

all of Cypress.


Regards, Dana.

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for me "service data"  (with the quotes) gives 2 hits, while without quotes (obviously searching for "service" or "data")  brings up 2500 hits in the forum only.

Yes, I admit that searching is not easy, wanting back the "+" and "-" options to refine searches...



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The search engine has definitely changed. For example, search for 'danaaknight' returns only 2 (two) results, search for "Bob Marlowe" - only 96 results.

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