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Cypress CYBLE-022001 UART Issues | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress CYBLE-022001 UART Issues

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Hello Cypress World:

I would like to know why the CYBLE-022001 UART does not transfer data properly.

For example, when the UART function SCB_1_UartPutString("Test\r\n"); is called periodically (e.g. every 50 milliseconds), the data transferred from the UART is often erroneous with only a few characters (e.g. Te) transferred. Depending on how often the data is transferred, the UART will often only set the Tx line low for about 500 microseconds and then back high. The UART settings are: Mode=Standard, Direction=TX+RX, Baud rate=115200 (actual 115385), Data bits=8, Parity=None, Stop bits=1, Oversampling=16.

Thank you in advance for your response,

Tim Ball

TDB Consulting


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Duplicate post, follow up here.



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