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Bridge Control Panel: Basic RX8 / COM Port hex dump example | Cypress Semiconductor

Bridge Control Panel: Basic RX8 / COM Port hex dump example

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I am having trouble getting 'Bridge Control Panel' to show output using RX8 mode. I want to use it to draw graphs and I have read the complete Help documentation that comes with it. I think a good place to start would be just displaying in coming data in a hex dump format.

I have a (cypress psoc based) device connected to Windows computer on COM5, and I know it is streaming my data, with a header of ASCII 'C' followed by binary bytes, which I verify in TeraTerm. I have set the serial parameters, RX8, 115200,8N1. I have the variables Chart | Variables  setup.

Bridge reports 'Syntax: OK' and 'Connected', But nothing shows when I click 'Repeat' (or first highlight the command then hit 'Repeat').

1) To get a very basic hex dump of the serial port in Bridge Control, shouldn't I be able to use a command like: 'RX8 @0Key1' and set the chart variable 'Key1' to Byte. Could you possible post a step by step procedure for a simple hex dump of a COM port with Bridge Control Panel?

2) Can you explain why only the 'Repeat' and 'ToFile' buttons are enabled, but not 'Send' ?

3) Does the software on the device have to wait to receive a command from Bridge? Or can it just already be streaming out the data when connected?

4) Is it possible in RX8 mode to send a command to the device to initiate the data stream?

Thank you

ps. There does not seem to be a Forum for BridgeControlPanel, but I saw another request for it posted here.

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Probably the attached image should help you. To answer your queries,

1. see the attached image

2. As its only Rx8, send is not enabled.

3. It need not wait, BCP will start receiving the data once you hit repeat. Then it gets synchronized to the header and tail.

4. No its not.






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