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Winners of Phase One and Phase Two start? | Cypress Semiconductor

Winners of Phase One and Phase Two start?

Summary: 4 Replies, Latest post by Stub for 2575603 on 08 Feb 2011 08:54 PM PST
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Are there already the winners for phase one? How many contestants submitted designs and when does phase two start? Do I get an eMail, if my design (named "MultiLogger") is not one of the top 100 designs for phase two?

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Same for me. Desperately waiting for the announcement, because working such a powerful uC (or better say PSoC? *g*) without a simulator (this is what I would love most!) or real hardware is not fun.



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Apologies for the delay. We are finalizing the last few winners now and will be posting the winners tomorrow.


Best of luck.


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Is there any update on the results?

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The results have been posted to the web, and those that have advanced should have been contacted via email.



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