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Using Math Functions in PSoC Creator for PSoC5's GCC Compiler | Cypress Semiconductor

Using Math Functions in PSoC Creator for PSoC5's GCC Compiler

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Hi All,


There have been many contestants who have faced difficulty while using math functions in PSoC Creator using PSoC5's GCC Compiler even after including the 'math.h' header file.

Please undertake the following to eliminate the Build error:

Goto Project > Build Settings > Linker > General > Additional Libraries. Now type m in the Additional Libraries field.

Now, after the project Builds without any math error.

Refer to the KB article at the following link:




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If I want to include other libraries, do I have to use another letter?

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Hi all

I would like to know, is there trigonometric function viz Sin,Cos, Tan etc in Math.h or any other library of PSOC5?


Have we to create new header file for the trigonometric function?

Referring the below link referring the same but last update was in 2008.

This may help me to proceed for my purchase of PSOC5 kit from other delevelopment kit.

Thank you

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I am taking lazy appoach to answer, but make a quick sample testbench project,

do a library call, and see if it works. The beauty of our tools today is ability to

self test ideas quickly in a GUI environment.


Regards, Dana.

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I already used atan, sin etc, they (of course) work as expected. Just #include math.h


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 Use "-lm" as linker command line option.

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