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SPI_Slave_v2_20 Maximum SCLK speeds | Cypress Semiconductor

SPI_Slave_v2_20 Maximum SCLK speeds

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The SPI_Slave_v_2_20 component maximum specified bit rate is up to 5mbps. In my project i have a need to simulate a slave device that runs at 8 mhz SCLK. I am wondering if anyone have used SPI_Slave_v_2_20 for higher Speeds. Is there any update that can be done to work at 8 mhz

Thank You

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Now that has been a while since you asked this question but the answer still applies. Though shall not use a device outside the specified range.

What will happen?

It might work from Monday morning until Sunday evening while the sun is shining and the temperature is between 55 and 85F or may be not.

Unfortunately you found your answer already, just did not want to accept it.


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