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Reg: Design Challenge

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  Thanks for your immediate reply . My design is in the need of two ports(pins) for the stepper motor operation. Basically I am trying to operate the stepper motor through the PSoc5, So can you please give me the information regarding the stepper motor ports on the kit or else any alternative solution in order to rotate the stepper motor using PSoc Kit.

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2 pins sounds unusual for a stepper motor. Do you use a wave drive and select one of four coils with the 2 pins?

Maybe you could use the DACs to build a microstepping drive. The ARM core and the 1 Msps should be fast enough for implementing some nice controlling application, with soft start etc.

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You will need 4 pins (in case of bipolar) or 6 pins (in case of unipolar) to sequence the stepper motor.

But PSoC5 will not drive the amount of current required by the stepper motor. So, using a buffer such as ULN2003 will help in this situation.

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Sounds like the OP may be planning to use a canned stepper drive circuit, most of which accept  STEP and DIR (direction) inputs as digital signals.

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