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PSoC5 miniboard.

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I've designed and produced this tiny board for the PSOC5 (5567).
It has 8 LEDS and 20 available GPIOs..What do you think?

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Nice Board, very clean. I like the 8 LEDs, they are always usefull in a dev board.

Does all VDDIO connect to the same rail?

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Yes, all VDDIO are connected to the same plane. It is possible to use the 3.3 regulator or to bypass it and supply directly to the VDDIO. I use this board mainly for my AHRS application, and in the next version I plan to put MEMS accelerometers, gyros and magnetometer on the same footprint (less 4 leds).

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got a couple questions for you:

Have you programmed the board using miniprog 3?

Did you generate sample programs?

Are you interested to sell this board to other forum members or any customer?

You price for the board?

- Robert

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please psot the layout ans other files of the PCB of psoc5 board

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Great  job

but why you didnt use the usb ?

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