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PSoC5 (in)availability

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 What is now the official version of silicon availability of PSoC5?

I know there is a few of them on evaluation kits, but the question is about the IC available to the masses.

I was promised samples about 6 months ago and nothing happened (had to use smth. else for the project)

The contest is a good way to make PSoC5 popular by showing what you can do with it, but if there is no silicon

what is the point of it?



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Hi Jan,


This contest is using what we refer to as "ES1" silicon.  The ES stand for engineering samples.  We're not accepting volume orders today, but we are shipping this silicon on all of our development kits, and samples are available for customers.


Customers can ordering samples by contacting their local sales representative (including distribution).  The two part numbers we are sampling today are:




I hope that helps.



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What will be the price of these devices once they are in full production? Some approximate cost would be helpful. Thanks



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