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PSoC 5LP Game

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As an exercise to gain some experience with the PSoC 5LP device and PSoC Creator, I wrote a simple yet challenging game that runs on the CY8CKIT-050 PSoC 5LP Development Kit. The game is called "ShiftyBits" and uses the LCD display and potentiometer for game play. Like all classic electronic games, "ShiftyBits" has a crudely rendered soundtrack. To listen to the game sound, you can build the LM386 based audio amplifier included in the design drawings or connect an external amplifier. If connecting an external amplifier, use a DC-blocking capacitor since the DAC output is single ended. 
The workspace bundle contains the "ShiftyBits" project which was created using the 3.0 SP2 version of PSoC Creator. I have not yet built the design using PSoC Creator version 3.1. Appended to the workspace bundle archive is a Python program, '', which generates the waveform tables used for the game sounds. This Python program was written in version 3.4 of the language. 
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 Thank you for sharing the project !!

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