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Psoc 5LP audio samples receive | Cypress Semiconductor

Psoc 5LP audio samples receive

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I `m studying Computer Science at University of Granada, Spain.

I have an Android app that extract 16-bit audio samples from a mp3 file. I need to receive those samples at 44.1 kHz with HC-06 bluetooth module connected to my psoc 5LP.

I need some guidelines to program my psoc. My initial idea is to transmit samples from UART module to a buffer and a DMA module to read samples from the buffer at 44.1 kHz,  to send it to a DAC module connected to an analogic output. 


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Do it in steps: (i) First make UART BT transfer example from PC to PSoC; (ii) send received data to VDAC directly (no DMA involved); (iii) if you have time left, play with DMA.

I don't think you will see much difference by utilizing DMA in this case.

I am attaching UART Rx demo program, which you can use as a starting point. It receives incoming data ito circular buffer, which you can make large enough to keep up with incoming stream. You would have to develop your own data protocol, and to make it as compact as possible and error-proof. Finally, there are only 8-bit DACs on PSoC, so there is no sense to send 16-bit data. To achieve 44kHz you  have to set UART rate to 500 kbd (do not forget to reprogram HC-06). Test everything at slow rate first.

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Another 2 projects to start:
1. The program checks the module HC-04, and adjusts the transfer speed.
2. TDA1311A  An example of using a  a stereo 16-bit DAC DA1311A ( OLD CDRom)
It is located here:
44.1кГц + Stereo16 bit - it seems a lot for Bluetooth UART can be problems (not sure).

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