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I2C and RTC

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I had a basic I2C transaction with a temperature sensor working.  I disabled all the I2C stuff and brought in the RTC counter from the example, and that was working as well.  But when I re-enabled the I2C calls, it looks like it's hanging forever waiting for the last byte to be transferred (line 951 of I2C.c).  I am worried that one of the interrupt routines is causing the I2C transaction to be messed up, but I am not sure where to look to find out how, or to debug.  I've attached my project. 

Am I missing something fundamental about how these modules interact with one another?



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Hi Andrew,


Can you please reattach the project after minimal archiving it?

I am unable to open the project at my end.

You can 'minimal archive' it by right-clicking the workspace and and choose 'Archive Workspace'.




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Sorry, I just had to guess what to export.  This might work better.

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