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Good news - PSoC5 design challenge finalists announced. | Cypress Semiconductor

Good news - PSoC5 design challenge finalists announced.

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Congratulations to the 12 finalists who have made their way through. 

The finalists are divided into 4 categories: Community Choice, Best use of Analog, Best use of Digital, and Best use of Components.  Our judges will pick the winners for the latter three, but you can control who wins the Community Choice.  So go out there and vote!

Community Choice


  • Touch-sensitive electronic Alto recorder with true analog sound synthesizer 
  • Spectral_Eye 
  • Implementing FULL CAN bus in PSoC 5 for electric vehicle development 

Use of Analog

  • Drum Tuner 
  • MultiLogger 
  • Musical Instrument Tuner 

Use of Digital

  • Mixed analog-digital scope 
  • LIMB – Low-Cost Intelligent Monitor for Babies 
  • PSoC 5 Webcam

Use of Components

  • Electronic implementation of the game “Connect 4” using a color OLED 
  • PSoC5 Super Spy Car with Bluetooth control and monitoring by mobile phone. 
  • jmSCAG for PSoC 

The same announcement can be seen here, PSoC 5 Design Challenge Finalists

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Congratulations to all the Finalists..!!

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