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Pullable crystals for CY23FS04

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I'm exploring using the CY23FS04 to allow optional system synchronization with an external clock.  I've had trouble finding any off-the-shelf pullable crystals.  For a 100MHz system clock, I'd need a 16.667 MHz crystal.  If I used the CY23FS08, I could also use a 12.500 or 25.000 MHz crystal.  Does anyone know of an OTS source for pullable crystals at one of these frequencies?



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Hi Greg,

What do you need for the input and output frequencies for this device? this device is programmable actually so i can support for configuration and sampling for you.

For example, input=20MHz output=100MHz, crystal=25MHz etc.,

please contact me directly, my email is

XHT: applications engineer

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